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Women demanding their land rights

Land Rights


Women’s access to land has been constrained because of traditional and customary practices on one hand and women’s inadequate understanding of their rights and entitlements on the other.We aim to Transform traditional and cultural norms that restrict the right of women towards ensuring access and control of natural resources and land in particular


What we do

We work to:

  • Develop the capacity of women, youth and  communities to defend their rights to land through trainings, exposure and experience sharing and coaching/mentoring including enhancing their knowledge on FPIC during land based investment deals and the FAO Land Tenure Guidelines
  • Support and facilitate  rural women movement building to engage with  traditional and community leaders to challenge  cultural norms that restrict women’s right to access and control natural resources
  • Undertake study/research on land based investments and advocate for fair systems involving key stakeholders (MPs, councillors, government, media, other movements etc
  • Monitor the implementation of FAO Land Tenure Guidelines and the Kilimanjaro initiative on women’s land rights involving relevant communities and stakeholders