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ActionAid Joins Other Stakeholders in Zanzibar NGOs Forum

Unguja coordinator explaining AATZ work to the President of Zanzibar

ActionAid Tanzania (AATZ) joined other stakeholders in a two-day event titled “Zanzibar NGOs forum” (ZANGOF 2022) which took place at Golden Tulip Hotel in Zanzibar from 12th to 14th March 2022.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi President of Zanzibar and Chairperson of Revolutionary Council and the official theme of the event was “Strengthening NGOs and Government Partnership for the Development of Zanzibar”

The objectives of the forum which brought together more than 393 participants from different sectors were; to increase awareness and understanding of NGOs legal framework, coordination, and compliance issues, promote good governance, transparency, and accountability, appreciate NGOs contribution to national development, strategize ways through which NGOs activities can support national plans and priorities, identifying challenges facing NGOs in their operations, find out best ways to address them as well as to facilitate networking and collaboration among NGOs stakeholders and the government.

The forum involved an exhibition where 92 exhibitors both local and international NGOs were able to showcase their work, product, and services and fora between NGOs government.

AATZ was represented by the Country Director, Mr. Bavon Christopher, the Unguja LRP team, and NORAD project Manager Mr. Karoli Kadeghe.

On the launching day, the guest of honor Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, the President of Zanzibar visited the AATZ booth and got an opportunity to listen to AATZ works. He was also given some research publications including Sealing the Gap-An analysis of revenue foregone within the Tanzania tax system and how it could be used to fund public education, Assessment of Child Abuse Case Management in the Justice System in Unguja, ActionAid Tanzania annual report 2021, etc

During the exhibition, beneficiaries of ActionAid’s work shared with the public testimonies on how AATZ has contributed to women’s economic empowerment, violence prevention, child rights, and empowerment in Unguja.

Apart from exhibitions, ActionAid Country Director Mr. Bavon Christopher and other staff took part in several sessions carried out during the forum including the development partners session by USAID where they learned about USAID fundraising.

The forum was a significant opportunity for AATZ to profile its work, strengthen its network and collaboration among NGOs and governmental institutions as well as build alliances and coalitions with other relevant stakeholders.

The forum was also a space to showcase ActionAid’s work to the wider public including target beneficiaries, local partners, government authorities, and different development partners for future potential fundraising opportunities.

In the end, participants shared some of the challenges faced by CSOs in Zanzibar including outdated policies and laws governing CSOs operations whereby in some sectors policies do not match with laws. They recommended that ZANGOF should be sustained to strengthen the relationship between CSOs and the Government and CSOs to continue advocating for the revision of outdated policies.