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Community partcipation and reflection process

Civic participation


Participation of citizens, especially young women and men in democratization and public decision-making processes is key to development processes.

What we do

We work to:

  • Mobilize and organize youth and women’s organizations and movements to take active part in reinforcing and/or formulating laws, policies and strategies that are aimed at promoting citizens participation
  • Promote civic and electoral education that involves young women and men and support the country’s fair and free elections processes 
  • Strengthen the leadership capacity of elected young women and men so that they effectively deliver their mandates as peoples’ representative
  • Engage with Youth Members of Parliament Caucus to advocate for initiation/ reinforcement of progressive youth focussed policy/law and youth participation in decision making processes and governance
  • Build alliances among youth activista, women and youth organizations and movements at local, national, regional and international levels for effective youth participation in decisions of public affairs 
  • Support women and youth networks, coalitions and alliances to monitor the implementation of the government’s commitments in Sustainable Development Goals