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Quality and inclusive education is a right for all children

Inclusive Education


Education remains to be an important instrument for ushering Tanzania into holistic growth and an integrated global system. Despite the good efforts by the government to advance the sector in recent years, there are still challenges facing the sector especially at the primary and secondary level which leads to poor quality education in public schools

What we do

We work to:

  • Conduct school/community based participatory research using Promoting Right in School framework and produce Citizen’s Education Reports on the right and access to quality and inclusive education
  • Engage with networks, coalitions and teachers unions for enactment/enforcement of progressive education policies, increased support to the education sector in general and  its inclusiveness in particular to address the needs of children with disabilities by the government
  • Engage with relevant institutions to roll out pre and in-service training curricula for improving teachers’ pedagogical skills, especially with regards to the inclusion of girls and children living with disability
  • Raise the awareness of communities and children on education rights of citizens and inclusiveness in education so that they claim and demand them
  • Support community initiatives to improve school infrastructure aimed at creating conducive school environment for children through rights-based service delivery approach 
Tax justice for quality education: