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We stand in solidarity with all those who are affected by the flood in South Africa and other part of the world.

Now as we are witnessing our brothers and sisters at KWAZULU NATAL suffering painful multiple losses of people and properties because of floods. We have recently also witnessed floods hitting the Philippines and Australia, unbelievable snowstorms in Dakota USA, forest fire in Colorado USA, Mexico and Northern Greece, excessive dust storms In Pakistan, just to mention a few.

Despite property loss and demolished infrastructure, the death toll in South Africa is currently passing three hundred! This empirically shows that the cost of managing these impacts is far more than the cost of action to prevent climate change.

What is happening now, adds on an observed pattern of increased climate induced deadly disasters such as heatwaves, prolonged droughts, typhoons, hurricanes, storms, and forest fires, causing mass destruction around the world. These are becoming too


frequent and intense as the world warms. No country or continent is left untouched, and everybody is a victim of climate crisis.

The evident ramifications of climate change narrate the less attention paid to several global initiatives like Paris Accords adopted seven years ago covering climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance but remained on the shelves.

Tons of Carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of the greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere every day because of fossil fuels. Human activities produce greenhouse gas emissions extravagantly and there is no sign of slowing down despite several global initiatives on climate change.

How safe are we? How resilient are we? And how well do we really know about our tomorrow?

The people in the global south are severely affected and pushed into further poverty, provided most of them are already facing other social and economic crises such as civil conflicts and diseases.

This calls for a feminized global climate justice campaign to stop further damage to our environment and address the existing climate change damages. We must call for global giants to execute the universal treaties such as the Paris Accords and COP26 commitments including but not limited to raising funds to revive the losses, advocate for investment in clean source of energy, promote agroecological farming and reforestation.

Climate change is a major threat to human right as majority of people are pushed into further poverty. It is Women and Children who are affected the most and this exacerbates gender inequality and attract more gender-based violence.


Bavon Christopher – Actionaid Tanzania Country Director.