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adressing violence aginst women

Violence against women


Despite the incremental progress made in advancing women’s rights by the government and other actors, violence against women remained to be rampant in Tanzania. Generally, violence against women  is a result of patriarchy and unequal power relations between women and men in the family and the society at large.

What we do

We work to:

  • Address the deep-rooted gender norms and discriminatory practices that exacerbate violence against women
  • work with and empower women's groups,associations and movements to engage with influential actors to challenge traditional and cultural norms,practices that perpetuate violence against women
  • Institutionalization of the agencies of women will be given more emphasis so that they play active roles in promoting and demanding their rights
  • Involve men in the struggle so that they take an active part in the prevention of violence against women and their own attitude and behaviour is changed to serve as agents of change in fighting VAW
  • Work with women’s rights organizations and movements and lawyers’ associations/organizations to advocate for laws, policies and strategies that promote the rights of women and to ensure that victims of violence have access to legal and other relevant services
  • Engage with policy /decision makers enactment /reinforcement of laws,policies that promotes the rights of women and girls and provision of psychosocial, medical and other services to victims of violence