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Children celebrating after message collection

Child Rights


We understand that violence against children is deep-rooted problem in the society that demands purposeful intervention to ensure the wellbeing of children.

What we do:

We work to:

  • Address cultural practices, norms, attitudes and behaviour that discriminate children in school and at home and perpetuates child abuse.
  • Engage public institutions and CSOs to promote the rights of children and ensure progressive laws and policies as well as child rights promotion systems; services and responses are in place
  • Raise community awareness on the rights of children 
  • Establish or strengthen children clubs at schools to promote their rights and engage with children focused clubs (girls’ clubs, boys’ clubs and mothers’ clubs) and teachers towards advancing children’s rights
  • Institute child friendly violence reporting systems
  • Advocate for enactment/enforcement of progressive policies and laws that promote children rights using media and various means of communication in collaboration with like-minded organizations and monitor provision of services to victims of violence
  • Support creation and access of child friendly environment in schools and communities
  • Collaborate with child focussed organizations, networks, forums and coalitions for mutual learning and sharing as well as collective actions to promote the rights of children



Saving Mafia school girls fading dreams through SVAG Project